Pressburg Dance Fest is oriental festival aimed to link the dance community of the Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia.



Do you have questions? Ask them! The most frequent questions sent on FB and to the e-mail address will be added with the answers to this webpage. We want to help with the answers to others too.

This year we have simplified the categories and we have added some new ones. We have made this decision based on the requests of the dancers, who could not present their competition performances to Egyptian pop songs and so on. We recommend classifying Beledi-Shaabi into category of Beledi and Beledi-Shaabi.

The song sent to us for judging does not have to be cut. This process we recommend in case of folklore, but, of course, you can send your song to other categories too. One song can be sent with the application form to the e-mail address:, but paid entrance fee is the requirement of it.

Unfortunately, it is not in the categories. This year we do not have specialized judges for this type of dance. But because of the increased rate of interest in it we are considering the category of Indian dance in 2018.

The participation on the seminar on 20th of August (Saturday) in Bratislava is necessary. The dancers are going to have a final training on the stage on 29th of September (Friday) in the evening hours.

The rules of the competition regulate the course attendant competition as follows:

IX. Course attendants (all dance styles with clear basis in oriental dance)

-The dancer is a student of an oriental dance course for public, takes it once week at most and the dance is only a leisure activity for the contestant. The contestant does not dance more than 2 years. They do not perform in public except the events organised by the dance school for family members and fans.

Victory in previous year, if the group still fullfills the criteria, is not a reason for being disqualified from the category „Course Attendant“

This is a very frequent question. The choice depends on the interpretation of the term tarab. The space for POP was created also specially for dancing on beautiful lyrical pop songs of newer authors. If tarab in classics, then mostly to songs of classic authors and artists as for example Um Kalthoum and so on.