Pressburg Dance Fest is oriental festival aimed to link the dance community of the Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia.



Come take a look at a star-studded gala show international festival of Oriental dance Pressburg Dance Fest 2017. Among other things, you will see excellentd ancer Charafe Ennaji. Arriving from Morroco.  

Female rendering including modern dance fusions will perform internationally recognized dancers Delanna (Russia / Germany), Dominika Suchecka (Poland), Karolina Idrisová and Sahar (Czech Republic). You can see also live dance performances along with Ziriab orchester (Syria/Czech Republic) and winners of categories formations fusion and classic oriental dance.

Do not miss the final unique Winners choreography, which involves an international team of choreographers and dancers.

The gala show will be held in the cinema DK Lúky in Petržalka in Bratislava.
Tickets in ticketportal and DK Lúky available from 1.8.2017.
Festival (competition, galashow) - 15 eur/12 eur before 20.9.
Dance competition (2 days) - 10 eur/7 eur before 20.9.
Galashow - 12 eur/10 eur before 20.9.