Pressburg Dance Fest is oriental festival aimed to link the dance community of the Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia.


Our guests

Charafe Ennaji (MA)

As has become tradition, the first international guest of this year´s Pressburg Dance Fest is once again a man, namely Charafe Ennaji from Morocco. He will stay in Bratislava between 29th September and 1st October and you will have the opportunity to meet him as a member of the international jury, Gala show performer and at workshops.

Professor, choreographer, international dancer, multi-disciplined (modern jazz, argentine tango, salsa, contemporary Morrocan and Oriental), certified in modern jazz (Martha Graham technique) along with Middle-Eastern and North African dance and rhythms. Since 2002 he has contributed as a dancer and choreographer to many different dance projects in theatre, television and cinema (Water for Life, Safar, Ice Queen, Resistance, Balya, Persona non Gratta,KAADA). He has participated in many different international festivals (Dahab Festival, The Mediterranean Lights, ARRABESQUE, TARRABESQUE, CAIRO FESTIVAL ) as a guest star and dance professor.

Marwan and his band Ziriab (SY/CZ)

Marwan Alsolaiman comes from Syria and currently lives in the Czech Republic. His main occupation is teaching physics, Arabic and the Czech language for foreigners. However, we know him mostly as an amazing musician, poet, patient viewer of oriental performances by our dancers and a lecturer, who lovingly talks about musical instruments in the Arabic orchestra. Marwan will also be a judge in our competition and we can look forward to his band at the gala show.

This year at Pressburg Dance Fest, the band members will consist of Raja Meziane - singing, Kristýna Farag - flute, Haitham Farag - drums, Marwan Alsolaiman - lute, singing.

Karolina Štraus Idris (CR)

The world of Raks Sharqi swept me off my feet in 2000. My newfound obsession resulted in awards obtained as a solo dancer in several festivals, such as Nile Group in Cairo in 2008. While I am immensely proud of the prizes and recognition, I have found a satisfaction that extends beyond cabaret style of oriental dancing. Having been raised as a folkloric dancer since I was a nine-year-old girl, the pull to go beyond the cabaret glitz of oriental dance was irresistible. I have been lucky enough early in my career to have worked with the representatives of two known folkloric dance Reda Troupe and Kaomeya Troupe. While Mahmoud Reda was inspiring, I will be forever grateful to Mohamed Kazafy and Osama Emam, for honing my skills in the field of Egyptian folkloric dances. Currently, I teach regular classes in Prague and workshops in various corners of the dance world. I have found my own dance troupe Matahari Group in 2007. And in 2014 I have cooperated with Elena Dahabeya and Mohamed Kazafy to form the first ever Kazafy Troupe in Czech Republic.

Delanna (GER)

Delanna is a professional dancer, known by many for her awesome work with poi and veils. She is the winner of many German and international competitions, but also an acting world’s master according to the IDO (International Dance Organization). She is the organizer of the show 360° Orient in Osnabrück and manager of the dance studio  Oriental Art. She is also a dancer in Magda El Leisy’s troupe. Delanna also finished her training as an oriental dance teacher in the German Union of Dance Sport (Deutscher Tanzsportverband e.V.). In 2008 she received the Halima award from the professional magazine Halima as an exceptional dancer. After the birth of her daughter, she returned to dancing and took to course “jomdance” with Said El Amir, TAI: Tools with the dancer Raksan and dance pedagogy with Claudia Lorenz. She participates in the project Journey through Egypt with Sahra Saeeda 2015.

Susi – Zuzana Tóthová (SK/AT)

Dancer, choreographer, acrobat. Instructor of different types of dance (classic dance, jazz-modern) and various dancing and move techniques (balet calanetick, strething relax, spanish bodywork, dance body work, artistic stilk, artistic ring...)
Zuzana has gained her education on Dance art school with maturita exam in Bratislava in the field of classic dance. She has danced on many stages in various balet an opera performances, she has also landed a two-year contract in the Slovak National Theatre in Bratislava.
She works mostly in Slovakia and Austria (for example on dance art school in Vienna), she prepared a number of dance and artistic shows home as well as abroad. She gained her experience in Slovakia. She also took care of preparing different shows for renowed hotels in Cairo, Tunisia, Italy, Switzerland, Germany and Austria.
Nowadays, she works in Axel Artist Dance Company and she is the owner of Ballett Studio by Susi in Heinburg.

Dominika Suchecka (PL)

Dominika Suchecka is well known Polish bellydance performer and teacher and big classical oriental dance passionate. She teaches oriental dance since 2004 in one of the biggest dance studios in Warsaw. Dominika is multi-award winning, certified oriental dance instructor with over 10 years of experience in teaching and performing in Warsaw, Poland and all over the world. Dominika travels to Cairo regularly to deepen her knowledge and understanding of Egyptian dance and try too preserve this art in it's most authentic form in the same time adding her own style and and a pinch of modern flavour to it. 





Vita Koval (UA)

Teacher, choreographer, oriental culture researcher, a famous dancer from Ukraine. Head of school in Ukraine / manager of the STAGE festival in Egypt / Judge of the highest category / * Has studied bellydance since 2005. Has worked as a teacher of the Samira School since 2007 *In 2008 and 2009 worked in Bahrain ( Persian Gulf) *2012-2014 worked as a dancer, studied the culture and language in Egypt - Cairo. *In recent years is the head a school in Ukraine and actively works as a judge and a teacher. His professional interests are Egyptian classics and folklore Middle East. Inspiration always grows from real source of culture.

Sahar (CR)

Dancer, teacher, choreographer, born in Czech Republic. Her favourites are classic Egyptian style and Moroccan and Egyptian folklore. She teaches classes at her dance school in Hradec Králové (Czech Republic) and international festivals (Japan, Egypt, Morocco, Norway, Italy, Spain, etc.). She also organises the festivals Oriental Charm, the competition Oriental Star, dance excursions and closely cooperates with the embassies of the Arabian countries for which she often dances with her dance troupe.




Mahasti (HU)

Mahasti is the leader of Mahasti Bellydance Studio. She is a well-known judge at Hungarian and international competitions, and the founder of the International „Moonlight Daughters” Belly Dance Competition for Duets and Groups. Mahasti is a committed tutor who’s been teaching passionately for 18 years. There are many belly dance teachers who completed their belly dance education at Mahasti’s courses. Mahasti says about Moonlight Daughters: “Under my guidance the group has been in the first three in all Hungarian competitions, so in the past few years we have been focusing on international ones from where we have managed to be in the first three as well. In 2011 and 2013 the members of the group won the gold medal in Duisburg (Germany) in the Bellydancer of the World Championship. In 2015 we won 2 silver medals. It is important to highlight that the girls are also helping me in my work, during classes.”

Monika Podhajská

Professional trainer of exercises and dance classes for children, qualified special teacher, teaches lecturers in working with children, founder of Dance Kids project, which is concerned with healthy  movement and dancing for children, co-founder of EtnoDance project, dealt with oriental dance for a few years, she also worked as a lecturer of oriental dance. Participates on the organization of musical and dance events, coordinates pedagogical, sports and dance events, publishes  specialized articles in newspapers and magazines. 


Besides classical dancing within the study of pedagogy at the university in Russia she had been briefly in touch with various dancing styles. She has been intensively focused on oriental dancing since 2006. She completed a retraining course Lecturer of Oriental Dancing, accredited by the Ministry of Education of Czech Republic.

She is a co-founder of the international festival Pressburg Dance Fest in Bratislava and a member of respected dancing group Kazafy Troup led by famous dancers Mohamed Kazafy, Elena Dahabeya and Karolina Strauss Idris. She is an artistic chairman of the group Oriental Essence and as a lecturer she helps Slovak solo dancers to improve and develop by preparing them on her individual lessons.

She carries out regular courses for various proficiency levels (including the preparation of starting lecturers), the seminars are held either in Slovakia or abroads. She attends competitions as a judge.