Pressburg Dance Fest 2018


Pressburg Dance Fest is oriental festival aimed to link the dance community of the Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia.

"Super festival with amazing international guests, super organisation and conditions for dancers and nice inspiring atmosphere!"  Heňa


Pressburg Dance Fest 2018

Dear dancers, lecturers, members of the jury, the whole crowd of volunteers and co-workers who eventually turned into volunteers and became our sponsors. This year´s THANK YOU is bigger than the other ones. The present form of Pressburg Dance Fest is over and also thanks to you, we managed to hold on for seven beautiful years (and sometimes very intense ones as well :) ).

We are thankful for bearing with us, for trusting us and that we could witness beautiful moments that prevailed over the other ones (in every big event „the other ones“ occur, too). We value every person who was with us either dancing, serving coffee, flexibly translating information to other languages, poviding financial service, discounts for the dancer, bringing cakes and pastries.... Or just by coming and bringing smile and supporting dancers with an applause. THANK YOU! (we are not going anywhere, we just need to take some rest and figure out, what to do next :) )

Summer holidays

4.8. 2018 training seminar for the category of Improvising with Orchestra
4.8. 2018 selection of dancers and Winners choreo training
(date to be announced) selection of dancers and Bolly choreo training

Shedule (12.9.2018)

Friday 28.9. 11:00 Workshops
12:30 The international competition (Part 1): children, junior, course attendants, duets, ladies over 45 (without Bollywood)
18:30 Winners choreo rehearsal
Saturday 29.9. 8:30 – 18:30 The international competition (Part 2): amateurs, semiprofessionals, professsionals, adult groups
10:00 Workshop
20:00 – 23:00 Galashow - showing the most beautiful items in oriental dance, performed by our local guests as well as by those from abroad
Sunday 30.09. 8:00 Professional dance workshops
17.30 Open Stage and After Party


Competition signing up process is closed

Since the capacity of applicants and applications has been exceeded, we need to close the signing up process. We are happy about your interest and we are promptly working on the schedule adjustments.

Thank you for your applications and look forward to see how colorful this year´s Pressburg Dance fest will be. In this moment, Peťa is sorting your applications and does everything she can so your payment confirmations are delivered to you in time and the schedule to be convenient for as many people as possible.

Winners group choreography with orchestra

One step closer to what makes oriental dance so special! Last year´s competition show us how wonderfully can the dancers react to the live music. Therefore, we have decided to choose dancing to live orchestra for the Winners group choregraphy. You will see and hear Marwan and his band Ziriab playing.

Training summer seminar for improv category

Yes, there is going to be one lead by Karolina and Marwan. Come and try what you can show to the jury. More info coming soon, the date will be synchronized with the Winners Group choreography.

New Fantasy and show category

Dance is changing according to the audience´s demands and for that reason, we have prepared a new category called Fantasy and Show which both soloists and groups can take part in. Nevertheless, you can still show your skills in fusing oriental dance with other dace styles easy and clear to identify (flamenco, salsa, tango, burlesque, jazz, etc.) since Fusion category remains on the list. This, of course, also includes dancing with various props such as fans, wings of Isis, silk fans and so on. In contrast to Fusion, the Fantasy and Show category allows you to dance your own mysterious and fantastic stories, play witches, fairies, Cleopatra or perform your own witty choreography. You can mix many different styles a go for the majestic effect as long as the dance has clearly distinguishabe oriental origins. Be careful with LED props since there is no option to provide changes in stage lights. Unlike Fusion, you can use the elements of Indian dances and tribal (only elements, not the whole tribal choreography).


This year, we are introducing Bollywood – dance with clearly identifiable roots in dances of India. Only for this occasion, we have invited, among others, a specialist from Austria – Indian dancer, lecturer and choreographer Kaveri.

As the name indicates, it is necessary to realize that this is not a classical Indian dance. This is excluded from this category for specific reasons. Classical dances such as Kathak, Kutchipoudi, Oddissi have their strict and unchangable rules, they are composed of given dance sequences and they can not be shortened for the 3-4 minute time limit (depending on whether it is a group or an individual) required for the competition. This, however, does not mean you can not use the elements of classical Indian dances in their Bollywood performance being Fusion in its heart. TheBollywood category requires at least 50% of dance elements must come from dances of India.

Festival bags

The embroidered bag for Pressburg Dance Fest 2018 fans will be your proper companion not only during the festival, but also during shopping or at the beach. The bag belts are big enough so it can be worn over the shoulder. You can order it from, manufacturer:



Competition, Galashow, Workshops, Open stage & After party

• Dom kultúry Lúky,  Viglašská 1
• Bus stop: Lúcanka or Vyšehradská
• Buses: 59, 92, 93, 95, 98, 99, 192


• Hafla o.z.:

• email:

• mobile contact:+421 903 283 203 (Petra)
• competition info:+421 907 273 036 (Halka)
• bazaar & sponsoring:+421 904 112 313 (Lydka)


• Pressburg Dace Fest 28.9. - 30.9.2018

• workshops: 28.9., 30.9.
• open stage with after party: 30.9.
• competitions: 28.9., 29.9.
• gala show: 29.9.

Festival map

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