Pressburg Dance Fest 2018


Pressburg Dance Fest is oriental festival aimed to link the dance community of the Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia.



About competition

The competition is open to oriental dancers with the objective of promoting oriental  dance, educating, overcoming the age discrimination of older people and with the aim of presenting  professional and non-professional dancers in separate categories, dancers who dance recreationally for relaxation and fun, dancers 45 years and over. All adults have to reach 15 years of age, kids 6 years old and juniors 10  years of age on or before the day of registration. 

The competition takes place on Friday, Saturday - September 28. - 29., 2018 at Dom kultúry Lúky, Petržalka

The organizer of the competition is the civic association Hafla, with residence at Jégého 3, 821 08, Bratislava (organizer), the artistic Supervisor is Karolina Štraus-Idris.

From September 1st  2018, the price of the registration fee is increased by 30%.

Organizer’s recommendations

a) A short description of dance categories can be found on the festival website. The document contains a description of the dance style and recommendations concerning the song chosen and the costume. The recommendations are not mandatory, following them is not a participation requirement. 

b) The Enunciator gives the opportunity to consult in advance regarding the competition song for free. You can send one song with your application form to, the condition is payment of the registration fee. For consultation purposes, the song does not have to be shortened as required for the competition. The jury members give their opinion and may advise on the choice of another song.


The dancer must send their song of required length used in competition in mp3 format via the web page (not by e-mail), otherwise the registration will be invalid and the dancer will not be allowed to compete. The deadline to send the song is September 10, 2018.

Solo: 2:30 - 3:00 min 
Group: 3:00 - 4:00 min

Name it: [category]_[fullname/group name]_2018.mp3

f.e. semiprofi_classicaloriental_petramajzunova_2018.mp3



Karolina Štraus Idris (CR, head of the jury)
Katalin Schäfer (Hungary)
Marwan Alsolaiman (Syria/CR)
Kaveri Sageder (India/Austria)
Katerina Joumana (Russia/Austria)
Apurva Khare (India/Austria)
Libor Hlaváček (Slovak republic)
Shaari (Czech republic)
Monika Podhajská (Slovak republic)

                Active Participation

                Pressburg Dance Fest festival is a still growing community and we are glad for that. However, such as other festival, we are introducing the condition of active participation on the festival, if you want to compete (this is required only for adults). We offer you more options to participate, not only attending a seminar, as it is usual on other festivals.

                You are an active participant if:

                    1, attend at least one of the seminars during the festival (Friday or Sunday) – this is for soloist regardless of the number of entries in the competition (sarter´s fee and 50% discount package) or one member or a group leader sarter´s fee and 50% discount package)

                    2, takes part in Winners show – every soloist regardless of the number of entries in the competition, although here the participants will be chosen according to the level of their dance, or one member or the group leader. No discounts.

                    3, takes part in training seminar (summer 2018) for the Improv category (only for soloists, starting in this category is not a condition), discount 20%

                    4, takes part (really, not only formally) on the final Open stage on Sunday 30th September (no fee), offer stands only for first 15 registered, the order is the key

                Dancers, who won the starter´s fee on a partner festival are automatically considered to be active participants of Pressburg Dance Fest under the condition of showing the coupon at least when registering before the competition

                We are looking forward to seeing you!

                Competition rules

                 1. English 2. German 3.Hungarian 4. Slovak

                Since the capacity of applicants and applications has been exceeded, we need to close the signing up process. We are happy about your interest and we are promptly working on the schedule adjustments.