Pressburg Dance Fest 2018


Pressburg Dance Fest is oriental festival aimed to link the dance community of the Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia.


Our guests

Katalin Schäfer (Hungary)

Studied dance at Ballet Institute of E Jeszenszky and jazz dance instructor László Németh. Taught by Raqui Hassan, Dr. Mo Geddawi, Magda El Leisa a Osam Emam, she has been doing belly dance since 2000. She was a part of Hungarian Master Teachers dance group ( Mercedes Nieto, Amira Krisztina Nemeth, Saba Marta Wollner). The first one in Hungary, Katalin founded arabian folk dance group called EFFENDI. She was the first traditional folklore dance instructor a taught male and female folklore styles worldwide.

Later, she established her own fashion brand SCHÄFER FASHION and started a worldwide tour teaching her style of dance at international festivals all over the world. Inspired by the music of the Middle East and the glamour of the 50s, Katalin created her own fusion style called Virgin Burlesque and she has been teaching this style fusing jazz and oriental dance worldwide since 2015.

Kaveri Sageder (India/Austria)

Indian Classical Kathak Dancer,Teacher and Choreographer, has her own set ups in Pune- India and Vienna-Austria.

Fortunate to learn Kathak from Guru Shama Bhate, Kaveri has successfully performed all over India and Abroad.
She has bagged Fulbright Fellowship in 2005 to study the relation between Kathak dance and Jazz.World music in Berkeley -Sanfransisco.
Giving workshops,teaching,performing and spreading Indian art form Kathak is Kaveri's main goal.

Kathak is a North Indian traditional ,Classical dance form. in Many bollywood song's base is Kathak Songs were always Bryn by Indian classical music and the choreographies were inspired by Kathak dance style: UmravJan, Devdas, Bajirav Mastani 
Kaveri Sageder was fortunate to work in The Movie DEVDAS in the song Kahe Cheda cheda Mohe with Madhiri Dixit and Shah Rukh Khan.

Katerina Joumana (Russia/Austria)

She is a renowned internationally oriental dance artists, choreographer and teacher.
She started her dance education in ballet at the age of 5; after graduating worked for several dance companies and since 2005 has devoted her career mainly to oriental dance, having won numerous dance contests and actively performing and teaching.

She danced and taught as a soloist on 4 continents and in 2006 grounded her oriental dance company "Joumana Dance Show", which has been featured at many events, on the main TV Channels in Russia and successfully performs in Russia and internationally.

Thanks to her extensive dance and body therapy background Katerina loves not only egyptian, but also the show style of oriental dance, which she is well-known for and teaches dance from various perspectives, including body-mind methods.

Coming originally from Moscow, Katerina currently resides in Vienna Austria, where she has a dance school for classical ballet and oriental dance, choreographs for her dance company and for many students.

Marwan and his band Ziriab (Syria/Czech republic)

Marwan Alsolaiman comes from Syria and currently lives in the Czech Republic. His main occupation is teaching physics, Arabic and the Czech language for foreigners. However, we know him mostly as an amazing musician, poet, patient viewer of oriental performances by our dancers and a lecturer, who lovingly talks about musical instruments in the Arabic orchestra. Marwan will also be a judge in our competition and we can look forward to his band at the gala show.



Apurva Khare (India/Austria)

I have been dancing now for more than 15 years. My journey began from school through dance competitions or school events. I started learning Kathak which is an Indian classical dance and pursued it for 6 years. I later learned several Indian folk dances at Shefali Lahoti's dance school. Then I joined Shiamak Dawar's Dance Academy where I was introduced to the world of Bollywood Dancing.. I have been teaching Bollywood dance since last 9 years now to small kids, youth and also adults in India and now in Vienna as well. 

Karolina Štraus Idris (Czech republic)

The world of Raks Sharqi swept me off my feet in 2000. My newfound obsession resulted in awards obtained as a solo dancer in several festivals, such as Nile Group in Cairo in 2008. While I am immensely proud of the prizes and recognition, I have found a satisfaction that extends beyond cabaret style of oriental dancing. Having been raised as a folkloric dancer since I was a nine-year-old girl, the pull to go beyond the cabaret glitz of oriental dance was irresistible. I have been lucky enough early in my career to have worked with the representatives of two known folkloric dance Reda Troupe and Kaomeya Troupe. While Mahmoud Reda was inspiring, I will be forever grateful to Mohamed Kazafy and Osama Emam, for honing my skills in the field of Egyptian folkloric dances. Currently, I teach regular classes in Prague and workshops in various corners of the dance world. I have found my own dance troupe Matahari Group in 2007. And in 2014 I have cooperated with Elena Dahabeya and Mohamed Kazafy to form the first ever Kazafy Troupe in Czech Republic.

Libor Hlaváček (Slovak republic)

Libor Hlaváček, emeritus soloist of Southern Czech Theatre (SCT), triple winner of the SCT Thalia prize for the performance of the year in the category Ballet and Pantomime and SCT Thalia prize winner for significant contribution to ballet in The Southern Czech Theatre in the 20th century. International jury member of WADF, 1st class choreographer, teacher, specialized in the artforms of Belly dance, Jazz, Couple Dance, Contemporary and also a figure-skating choreographer.

Shaari (Czech republic)

Shaari has been active on the Czech Oriental scene for more than 13 years and has been successful in her solo career as well as with her dance group Raks Sultana, where she works as the art leader, choreographer and also designer. Shaari was asked to join the projec Top Czech Bellydance Stars and is also a member of the international group Kazafy Troupe, led by a world famous Mohamed Kazafy. As a part of a jury, she took part in many competitions in The Czech Republic and Slovakia (e.g. Miss Orient, Hvězda Orientu, Liptov Orient Festival). Thanks to dancing, she got to know many countries and hopes to get to know more of them. Besides Egyptian oriental dance, Shaari also designs and creates tailor-made costumes and jewelery with her brand Design by Shaari. 

Monika Podhajská (Slovak republic)

Professional trainer of exercises and dance classes for children, qualified special teacher, teaches lecturers in working with children, founder of Dance Kids project, which is concerned with healthy  movement and dancing for children, co-founder of EtnoDance project, dealt with oriental dance for a few years, she also worked as a lecturer of oriental dance. Participates on the organization of musical and dance events, coordinates pedagogical, sports and dance events, publishes  specialized articles in newspapers and magazines.