Pressburg Dance Fest 2018


Pressburg Dance Fest is oriental festival aimed to link the dance community of the Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia.



The Pressburg Dance Fest took place for the first time in 2012. A small show later became a great festival with international participants. Our main goal is to always try to maintain the support of dancers and of their learning, their gaining of new experience. It is also to support the traditions and new trends in oriental dance.

Hereby; we want to thank many people, most of all, the dancer and choreographer Karolina Idrisova who pushed us a bit during the time we were deciding whether or not to organize the competition and it seems it is the right direction.

Apart from the volunteers from the civic association Hafla – Petra, Halka and Lydia we also want to thank the lawyer and dancer Silka Jazira (she was there for us when our terms and conditions emerged), the festival can be made possible thanks to the willingness of many others who support a good thing without expecting rewards. 

Some of the steadiest members in our team are for example Ružena Srnková, Zuzana Kalaberová and Stanislava Drieniková who are willing to translate our texts (including this one) during nighttime. Boris Tytykalo who covers counting the results, Jana Naya Voříšková who helps with the organizing. Also Marta Augustínová, the underrated moderator, who is hardly surprised by anything and she is able to manage everything. We also appreciate the help of Márie Suchánková - who is responsible for the refreshments for the jury who gets caught in the work marathon with us and Petra's mother Anna Majzúnová, who wrote all our memory cards and diplomas. We are glad for other people joining - Ivana Evangelin, Jana Cimbala, Mária Samira Lacušová, Zuzana Kabátová and Zuzana Pallaghyová.

We hope you will all feel good with us and your dance (also some other) dreams will be fulfilled at least a bit.

Are you willing to help us with preparing the festival Pressburg Dance Fest in September? We would definitely appreciate it. You will be part of a great festival, you will enjoy the right atmosphere. You can guide the guests, interpret, or simply make coffee and make sure no dancer will be late for their performance.

The volunteer must fill and send the registration form between May 9th 2018 and September 1st 2018 (included). Please insert in the note what you could and would like to help with in the festival organization. The details about the collaboration will be established after agreeing with the organizer.