Pressburg Dance Fest 2018


Pressburg Dance Fest is oriental festival aimed to link the dance community of the Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia.



28.9. 2018 (Friday) 11:00  – 13:00 Libor Hlaváček (Slovak republic): Dance Basics for Kids (Room 1) 

Oriental dance must have strong basics! Spins? Beautiful hands? Posture and self presentation? It´s only a part of what you need to know before going on stage.


28.9.2018 (Friday) 16:30 - 18:30  Halka Tytykalová (Slovakia): From Basics (Room 1)

Starting from „the bottom“ - from the basics to complex variations. How to create dance moves correctly for the complete satisfaction of the body and soul? The seminar is dedicated to the basic technique in oriental dance. For dancers up to pre-intermediate level.

29.9.2018 (Saturday) 10:00 - 12:00  Halka Tytykalová (Slovakia): Beledi with Zills (Room 1)

One chime here and there or with a nice rhythm? Maybe as a challenge or an experiment or just for fun of yours and your viewers. If needed, zills can be lent during the seminar to ten dancers max. For pre-intermediate dancers and higher.


30.9. 2018 (Sunday) 08:00  – 10:00 Karolina Štraus Idris (Czech republic): Oriental - bali fusion (Room 1) 

If you want to try something really unconventional, do not hesitate! Exotic fusion of Bali dances with bellydance catches the eye in each show! Autenticity guaranteed! Karolina can´t hide her Indonesian roots in her lectures :)


30.9. 2018 (Sunday) 10:15 – 12:15 Kaveri Sageder (India/Austria): Bollywood

Bollywood - Indian film dance with the elements of Kathak. The beautiful and romantic composition will take you to colourful India full of scents. The seminar is for every dance proficiency level.


30.9.2018 (Sunday) 10:15 - 12:15  Katalin Schäfer (Hungary): Emotion in motion - Stage Belly Dance (Disco Hall)

Emotion in motion - slow stage bellydance. Come and dance with an experienced lecturer and learn to cope with slow music in your show to attract your audience!

30.9.2018 (Sunday) 14:45 - 16:45  Katalin Schäfer (Hungary): Virgin Burlesque (Room 1)

Virgin Burlesque – not only beautiful, but also seductive! This style is demanded on the stage more and more. Don´t stay behind the new trends and be attractive!


30.9. 2018 (Sunday) 12:30 – 14:30 Katerina Joumana (Russia/Austria): Meganse classical choreography with contemporary elements (Room 1)

Meganse classical choreography with contemporary elements. Mejance spiced with some difference. Try the beautiful choreography at its best and don´t be affraid to add new and unconventional  elements to your dance :).


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Workshop prices

Workshop : 30 Euro - 25 Euro for competition participants


1, Twins (2 workshops) - 50 Euro/45 Euro (for competition participants)

2, Triple (3 workshops, ticket for competition, ticket to competition) - 75 Euro/65 Euro (for competition participants)

3, Sunday (4 workshops, ticket for competition, ticket to competition and galashow) - 80 Euro/70 Euro (for competition participants)

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