Pressburg Dance Fest is oriental festival aimed to link the dance community of the Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia.


That's right, after last year's first time, this year we are heading off again on this stunning adventure and preparing for you the Bratislava international festival Pressburg Dance Fest.

You are invited to the capital of Slovakia to learn, compete and watch the show during September 23, 24 and 25.

We will gradually make public our guests, information on the competition and seminars. Competition, Open Stage and Workshops registration starts in May.

We look forward to see you and we hope you will enjoy:

- experienced jury (not only dancers, but teachers)
- modern and traditional Oriental dance (a lot of Folklore ..)
- guidance in music and competition category selection
- opportunity to participate in Winner's group choreography in our Gala Show (We have a nice tradition, we hope we'll keep it up)
- the friendly atmosphere which we managed to preserve last year on the stage and behind the scenes, which we will do our best to achieve this year as well


"Festival has really nice atmosphere created by organisation team of Hafla. Thanks, that project Pressburg Dance fest originated here in Slovakia." Susanne

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The tickets can be bought from Ticketportal and DK Lúky beginning with August 1st 2016.

The festival (competition, gala show)

15 euro/12 euro before September 23rd.
The dance competition (two days)
10 euro/7 euro before September 23rd.
The gala show
12 euro/10 euro before September 23rd.

Deadline knocking on the door

We are very glad that the dancers have already begun purchasing packages for workshops and are registering for the competition. Please do not forget that every participant must fill in properly and send the application form until September 1st (included) at latest. Beginning with September 1st the registration fee is raised by 20 %.
You can find advantageous festival packages HERE (under the description of the seminars).
Online registration to the competition HERE and also for the final Open Stage HERE.

Changes in panel

Dear dancers, you surely heard about this year's earthquake in Ecuador. We are sorry, but because of the difficult situation in the country which is trying to pull back together, Damiana Levy Dotti is changing her tour through Europe and Egypt which we were also part of. We care a lot about the choice of dancers and teachers. So we decided, following a great personal experience, to invite to this year's jury Joumana from Austria. We do believe she will bring a new perspective to your dance, not only as a judge, but also with her performance during Saturday's gala show.



Festival bags

The embroidered bag for Pressburg Dance Fest 2016 fans will be your proper companion not only during the festival, but also during shopping or at the beach. The bag belts are big enough so it can be worn over the shoulder. You can order it from, manufacturer:


We have a special offer for accommodation. The wonderful hotel Pressburg ( The rooms are getting quickly occupied, so please do not leave your booking for the last moment. The hotel is beautiful and is situated near DK Lúky.

Are you willing to help us with preparing the festival Pressburg Dance Fest in September? We would definitely appreciate it. You will be part of a great festival, you will enjoy the right atmosphere. You can guide the guests, interpret, or simply make coffee and make sure no dancer will be late for their performance. You can find more information about the volunteering activity and the registration form on our website.

The valuable prices from Charoit, Ňuňó and Quappe on, coupons from Koloria and PBDance Design.


We can look forward again to the luxury perfumes  AL ATARJI or crystal shoes from the company RNDr. Miroslav Lipovský - MILI, Bratislava. Another novelty are valuable gifts from Soaphoria, HyndusSid a Silia33 on The festival is also sponsored by the company Victory Sport (cups and medals) and Prešporáčik (Tour4you) –  trips with the original Bratislava little train.

Basic Info


Competition, Galashow, Workshops

• Dom kultúry Lúky,  Vigľašská 1

• Bus stop: Lúčanka or Vyšehradská
• Buses: 59, 92, 93, 95, 98, 99, 192

Open stage & After party, Lecture with Hassan Saber

La Fiesta, Café & Latin club, Prievozská 18

• Bus stop: Prievozská (nearest), Miletičova or Pažitková
• Buses: 70, 96, 201, 202, 212




• web :


mobile contact:  Petra - +421 903 283 203

competition info: Halka - +421 907 273 036

• bazaar & sponsoring: Lydka - +421 904 112 313


• Pressburg Dace Fest 23. - 25.9.2016

• workshops: 25.9.

• open stage with after party: 25.9.

• competitions: 23.9., 24.9.

• gala show: 24.9.

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