About Pressburg dance fest

That's right, after last year's first time, this year we are heading off again on this stunning adventure and preparing for you the Bratislava international festival Pressburg Dance Fest.

You are invited to the capital of Slovakia to learn, compete and watch the show during September 19, 20 and 21.

We will gradually make public our guests, information on the competition and seminars. We look forward to see you and we hope you will enjoy:

- the man in the selection panel, show and seminars,
- modern and traditional Oriental dance
- the prizes with which we try to stimulate your learning or perhaps professional growth
- the friendly atmosphere which we managed to preserve last year on the stage and behind the scenes, which we will do our best to achieve this year as well

After last year's first time, this year we are heading again into a wonderful adventure and we have been preparing for you the international Bratislava festival Pressburg Dance Fest. You can find the latest information in our new newsletter.

And here is our second newsletter with hot news.


• Dom kultúry Lúky
         Vigľašská 1
         851 07 Bratislava

• Email: dkl@kzp.sk
• Address: www.kzp.sk

• Bus stop: Lúčanka or Vyšehradská
• Buses: 59, 92, 93, 95, 98, 99, 192


• Pressburg Dace Fest 19. - 21.9.2014


• workshops: 19.9, 21.9

• open stage with after party: 21.9

• competitions: 20.9

• gala show: 20.9



• web : http://www.hafla.sk/

informations: info@pressburgdancefest.eu

mobile contact:  Zaynab - +421 903 283 203

competition info: Halka - +421 907 273 036