Pressburg dance fest 2015

The international oriental dance festival Pressburg Dance Fest held in Bratislava continues this year as well.
We would like to invite you to Slovakia’s capital to learn, compete and watch the show during 25th – 27th September.
We will gradually introduce our guests, information about the competition and the seminars. We are looking forward to see you and we hope you will enjoy:
- a surprise from the faraway Indonesia (not only),
- skilled experts as judges
- modern and traditional oriental dance, a big dose of folklore
- the possibility to sign up for the selection of the final joined choreography (we do believe last year we started a nice tradition)
- prizes aimed to support your further learning or maybe professional growth
- a friendly atmosphere which we managed to keep for two years on the stage and behind the scenes and which we will do our best to keep this year as well.


Newsletter 1, Newsletter 2

 If you are not among the recipients and you would like to receive news, please contact us at info@pressburgdancefest.eu.

You can register for the festival beginning with May. Apart from guests, we already have the first interested persons, which we are very glad for. We believe we will reach your expectation this year as well.

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Marathon on 26.9. in Bratislava

Dear dancers,

when you will travel to the festival on Friday and Saturday, please make it some time in advance. There is a women's marathon, you can find more info here:
It is possible there will be traffic jams in several places. Unfortunately we cannot change this in any way.
Thank you,
Hafla Team

Juniors are joining

Apart from the already traditional categories for soloists and groups including course attendants (we will toughen up a bit the rules to enlist into this category) and ladies over 50 years old, this year we are opening a category for junior dancers with the age between 12 -14 years (including). Fifteen year-olds will compete among women.

Zaghareet can't come

Dear dancers, We are very sorry, but this night unfortunately, Zaghareet cancelled her attandance on the festival because of job matters in Egypt. Instead of her seminar, we would like to offer you another one in the same place at the same time. The instructor will be the very skilled Karolina Idrisová and she will teach Fun & Sexy Raks Sharqi. Thank you for your comprehension. Hafla Team

Registration beginning with may

The registration for the festival begins in May. Apart from guests, we already have the first interested persons, which makes us very happy. We do believe we will not betray your trust this year either.

20% discount on workshops!!!

You can sign up for seminars until September 20th.

And here's a news: this week we have discount on packages. If you buy a package of your choice (Full or Sunday) until September 6th, you will get a 20% discount.

Competition prices stay lower

We're sticking to our good habit and the registration to the competition for a lower price is being prolonged until September 12th. However, the registration will end on September 12th and we do not plan to extend it (maybe for some chosen categories only).

covered in crystals from head to toes

In collaboration with the company RNDr. Miroslav Lipovský - MILI, Bratislava we are preparing a special prize for the winner of one of the special categories. Win and decorate your entire new costume with SWAROVSKI crystal elements. The set of sparkling crystals for decorating the costume will be worth 200 euro.

MILI Bratislava, manufacturer of jewellery and gift objects with SWAROVSKI crystals, will present another winner an engraved glass decorated with crystals worth 50 eur.