Pressburg Dance Fest is oriental festival aimed to link the dance community of the Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia.

"An awsome festival with a great atomsphere where I'll always gladly return to." Jane


Pressburg Dance Fest 2017

That's right, this year we are heading off again on this stunning adventure and preparing for you the Bratislava international festival Pressburg Dance Fest. You are invited to the capital of Slovakia to learn, compete and watch the show during September 29, 30 and October 1.

We look forward to see you and we hope you will enjoy:

- experienced jury (not only dancers, but teachers)
- modern and traditional Oriental dance (a lot of Folklore ..)
- guidance in music and competition category selection
- opportunity to participate in Winner's group choreography in our Gala Show (We have a nice tradition, we hope we'll keep it up)
- the friendly atmosphere which we managed to preserve last year on the stage and behind the scenes, which we will do our best to achieve this year as well

The international festival Pressburg Dance Fest: three days full of oriental dance

Friday 29.9. 14:00 – 20:00 The international competition (Part 1): children,juniors, dance course attendants (hobby),duets, ladies over 45
Saturday 30.9. 8:30 – 18:00 The international competition (Part 2): amateurs, semiprofessionals, professsionals, adult groups
20:00 – 23:00 Galashow - showing the most beautiful items in oriental dance, performed by our local guests as well as by those from abroad
Sunday 1.10. 9:00 - 17.45 Professional dance workshops
19.00 – 22.00 Open Stage and After Party


Contacts for feedback

Dear Dancers,

thank you for your thorough preparation for this year´s contest. Since the situation did not allow the jury members to give feedback to everyone who requested it, here are the e-mail adresses (we are going to add them gradually, after we receive the permission to post them) and FB profile links. Here :)

Complete competition results

Dear Dancers. The competition in this year´s Pressburg Dance Fest contest was tough. Besides the option of finding links to profiles of this year´s jury on this page, we have also prepared a more detailed rating. You can also learn that only foru dancers (if we exclude the improvisation category, where the ratin scale was double) got an average mark higher than 9 (10 was max). From this point of view, Henrieta Šidlová Jr is the winner with the mark 9.4. Congratulations!!!

Zuzana Tóthová (SK/AT) in jury

Dear dancers, unfortunately, Libor Hlaváček was forced to cancel his appearance on this year´s festival due to other, urgent duties in Poland. However, we are glad to anounce that our invitation was accepted by experienced Susi – Zuzana Tóthová (SK/AT), who specializes in the same field of dance and will participate as not only a member of the jury but will also teach the Sunday seminar called Ballet basics for orient and tribal dancers, aesthetics of movement. We believe that this change will not affect your decision to come to this dancers favorite seminar.

Galashow begin at 8:00 p.m

Due to organizational reasons (a great interest in the competition part of the festival), the beginning of the gala show Pressburg Dance Fest will be delayed by an hour and will begin at 8:00 p.m

Winners Group choreo casting

As every year, this year we are also organizing the Winners’ choreography authored by our ever-present Karolina Štraus Idris. All the dancers who are interested, please write us and send your videos for the casting to until June 15 (the preparation seminar will take place this year during the weekend on August 20th). 

- a little rehersal before going all the way

We will introduce the festival to Bratislava people in July in the historical city center during Oriental garden Party 21.07. Unlike the festival dance competition, during this party, apart from belly dance, you can also enjoy Bollywood and tribal. The entry is free. More information soon on

Competition registration stops earlier

The capacity of the competition has just been filled and therefore we have stopped accepting applications. After 15.9. the competitors will receive the information with a specified competition schedule, please, check our website

New prizes for the competition

Awesome winnings like  Questum (Quest Room), Laser Wars (Laser Tag), Tour 4 U. Discount on musical instruments from  Drumbla. Beautiful jewelry from QueppeOpiEri and great cosmetic products from Navia. Also sneakers from BeaDance, crystal pumps from Milishopu, etc. 

A special funny pre-competition with Instagram

Are you registering for Pressburg Dance Fest competition? Are you training? Go ahead and compete before the festival, the winner will get 30% discount on seminars during the festival.

What do you need to do?

Upload on Instagram a photo of you preparing for the festival – no limits to your imagination – and tag it #pressburgdancefest. Register for the competition until August 31 with a better price and in the registration form tick the option that you are participating to the Instagram competition. 

Festival bags

The embroidered bag for Pressburg Dance Fest 2017 fans will be your proper companion not only during the festival, but also during shopping or at the beach. The bag belts are big enough so it can be worn over the shoulder. You can order it from, manufacturer:



Competition, Galashow, Workshops,Open stage & After party

• Dom kultúry Lúky,  Viglašská 1
• Bus stop: Lúcanka or Vyšehradská
• Buses: 59, 92, 93, 95, 98, 99, 192


• Hafla o.z.:

• email:

• mobile contact:+421 903 283 203 (Petra)
• competition info:+421 907 273 036 (Halka)
• bazaar & sponsoring:+421 904 112 313 (Lydka)


• Pressburg Dace Fest 29.9. - 1.10.2017

• workshops: 29.9., 1.10.
• open stage with after party: 1.10.
• competitions: 29.9., 30.9.
• gala show: 30.9.

Festival map

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